Our Story

Two young women with a love for fashion, have been inspired to address an often overlooked area that has so much potential within the world of fashion. These two brazen young girls regularly encounter so many dynamic people. Through these encounters they realized that fashion until now has been mostly focused on clothing, not footwear. Maya and Noa feel that men’s footwear has yet to embrace their true power. Men too deserve shoes that make as powerful a statement as they do for women.

With this in mind, these two young entrepreneurs decided to take the matter into their own hands and design a men’s shoe line called, “A’ Louest.” A’ Louest can be literally defined as the French phrase for “to the west.” Yet, it was not until Maya and Noa shared a trip to France and understood the phrase was also slang for “someone a little strange or different.” The dimension of this turn of phrase is exactly what their vision for the company is all about. Shoes that show edge but also embody class and portray complexity through simplicity. Not only will the shoes be original and a step ahead of the current trend, they will be handmade in Italy, the country known for manufacturing only the finest fashion in the world. An A’ Louest shoe is the very definition of being blissfuly “different.”